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Hassett Subaru Supports Local Charity, Pet Peeves, During The Share The Love Event

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

On March 30th, once again animal rescue groups, non-profit shelters, corporate sponsors, and animal lovers in general, joined together to raise some needed dollars in support of pet-rescue organizations across Long Island.

This time there were over 300 businesses were in attendance held at The Crest Hollow Country Club, where attendees were treated to a fun event and the opportunity to meet all the wonderful recipients of Subaru’s Share The Love donation.


Automatic or Manual Transmission? Don’t Be Afraid to Stick Out

Friday, March 27th, 2015

automatic or manual transmissionEver considered driving a manual transmission car? In the US, only 6.5% of cars sold have been stick-shift, so the relative rarity may have some confused about the advantages to learning the process of getting your car in gear.

Aside from the thrill of weaving the stick through a gearbox on an open road while stomping on the clutch like Mario Andretti, there are some practical reasons to opt for a manual vehicle. One is that you have better control over the vehicle when you constantly control the gear of the car. This provides easy downshifting and engine-braking (and it’s not hard to learn).

One other factor is cost. Automatics tend to be slightly more expensive to buy and maintain and less efficient to operate. The reason is that a few more moving parts need to be installed, repaired, and require more engine power to operate. The total cost over the life of the car may add up to a few thousand dollars.

If you find yourself curious about a 6-speed manual Subaru, we at Hassett Automotive can show you the Outback, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, and Forester models that offer both automatic or manual transmission versions.

Subaru EyeSight Technology Helps Models Earn Top Safety Rating

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Subaru Eyesight TechnologyWith the advent of a lot of technology, it can sometimes seem like the very technology that is supposed to be helping you—making your life easier, better, and safer—is actually fighting you. Not EyeSight, however. That’s what Subaru calls its autonomous technology.

Subaru EyeSight technology works for you—and with you—to create a truly safer driving experience. There’s data to prove it too. Subaru reports that all of the 2015 models equipped with EyeSight technology (including Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and XV Crosstrek), “received the highest possible score in front crash prevention by the IIHS.”

EyeSight encompasses a number of different features, all designed to preempt a collision. There’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which works just like traditional cruise except your Subaru will use monitoring and braking to maintain a driver-inputted distance between you and the car in front of you.

EyeSight uses cameras to monitor any possible dangerous conditions as they arise. For instance, if you happen to stray out of your lane, your Subaru will warn you through the Lane Departure System. If a frontal impact appears imminent, EyeSight will issue warnings and implement emergency braking if needed.

EyeSight is named that because that’s just what it does. It’s a helpful extra set of eyes to ensure that you and your family get to your destination safely. We at Hassett Automotive would be happy to provide that safety for you, so take a test drive today.

Subaru Renews Support of Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Student Spaceflight Experiments ProgramSubaru of America continues to invest in today’s youth through initiatives like the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP). The automaker renewed its partnership with the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education in a two-year commitment.

Subaru will donate $50,000 during that time to provide the funds necessary for middle schools around the country to join the program.

Through the program, students participate in a Flight Experiment Design Competition in which they have the opportunity to gain experience writing a formal research proposal and conducting research in a community mini-laboratory.

It sounds like quite the in-depth research program for middle school students, but we at Hassett Automotive have faith the youth in our community would be up for the challenge should the program expand into our area.

“Subaru is proud to be a national partner of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program,” said Sandra Capell, Subaru’s philanthropy and corporate responsibility manager. “At Subaru, we encourage innovation and believe that engaging students in unique learning opportunities, such as the SSEP, are important in helping to prepare and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

The SSEP began in June 2010 and Subaru has been a dedicated partner since 2013.

Perfectly Written Subaru “Tree-Hugging” Commercial Embraces Stereotype

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

subaru_htabYeah, we’re tree-huggers. So what?

That’s the message Subaru manages to send in a funny, make-fun-of-yourself kind of way in the new Subaru “tree-hugging” commercial. And really, what’s so wrong with being a tree-hugger anyway?

Subaru released the commercial over a month ago, and in that short time, it has managed to capture hearts nationwide. Even you non-tree-huggers have been caught smirking at the “Memory Lane” ad. In fact, Adweek calls the ad “remarkable” and “a spot that manages to both embrace and make fun of the brand’s persistent stereotypes in a way that’s utterly charming”.

The commercial features three generations of a family (grandmother, parents, and daughter) who are on a trip to Woodstock, and ends when the parents hilariously get stuck between the grandmother and granddaughter hugging the tree.

The story is perfectly written, especially considering the risks when taking on such a stereotype. Obviously, politically-charged commentary from people who take themselves a little too seriously hit the Twitter feed, but that’s to be expected.

“Generational ads are really hard to do, and even tougher to do well,” Carmichael Lynch chief creative officer Dave Damman told Adweek. “Add to that the huge challenge of cashing in some of the ‘tree hugger’ brand equity and spending it on the Summer of Love, 1969 mind-set, and it almost becomes something that if not done exactly right, you’d surely want to avoid. But it’s a genuine, compelling story, and because of this brand and what it stands for, it makes complete sense that the car they own is a Subaru.”

You can watch the ad here.

At Hassett Automotive, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and can appreciate an ad that pokes a little fun at the brand we love. Stop in today to checkout our lineup of family (and earth) friendly cars!

May Yields another Great Month for Subaru

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Subaru is off the charts. The reports are in and the automaker has reached new heights with the best May sales the company has ever seen.

Continuing its 30-month streak of year-over-year growth, Subaru’s monthly sales increased by 11 percent over May of 2013. More than 44,000 vehicles were sold throughout the month, pushing year-to-date sales to 19 percent higher than sales reported during the same period last year.

The popular Forester and Outback models fueled this growth. The Forester sold 14,146 units, while 11,641 Outback vehicles were shipped to new homes. Not only that, but the currently Forester boasts a nearly 51-percent increase in year-to-date sales over last year.

“We are having another great year,” said H. William Cyphers, Subaru’s senior vice president of sales. “Every model line is in demand and our challenge is to keep supply levels high enough to keep the customers coming in our showrooms satisfied.”

With the introduction of the all-new Legacy and Outback models, we at Hassett Auto expect sales will continue to soar throughout the summer and the rest of the year. Now is a great time to join the Subaru family!

Subaru Forester

The Subaru XV CrosstrekTM Hybrid is here.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014


Going green, lean and very clean.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of new ways to meaningfully contribute to a greener planet on a personal scale.  Yet having an eco-friendly conscience doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, stylish and exhilarating.

Enter the all-new 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid, one of the most fuel-efficient AWD hybrid crossovers available today, freshly arrived at Hassett of Wantagh.

It’s not hard to love the XV on many levels.  Built in a zero-landfill plant with 100 percent of waste recycled or turned into electricity, the XV has unique engineering built in from the start, with go-anywhere capabilities and the lifestyle versatility to let you do what you love to do, and feel like you’re also doing your part.

The XV Crosstrek Hybrid features 17-inch alloy wheels, all-season tires, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, raised roof rails, and a versatile cargo area. It provides the right amount of engineering, energy and performance to enhance every aspect of a go-anywhere, do-anything lifestyle.

14CL_XVH_4C_AF35942_020718The Subaru Boxer® engine has a low center of gravity for agile handling backed by dedicated all-wheel drive to distribute power and deliver a constant grip on the road.  In fact, the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient AWD hybrid SUV crossover in America, delivering 31 MPG (combined gas/electric), with loads more capabilities––and fun––than a hybrid sedan.

Which is why you can go anywhere in the XV Crosstrek Hybrid with family and friends, and have extra space for a clean conscience aboard.

With over three decades in business, Hassett is consistently recognized for its excellence in sales and service, which is why we continue to be Long Island’s No. 1 Ford Lincoln Subaru dealer.

We invite you to check out the Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid today and let your conscience have some fun.

Visit Hassett Ford, Lincoln, Subaru, Truck and Pre-Owned for your new vehicle! We are in Wantagh, NY in Nassau County near Suffolk County, NY. If you are looking to buy, lease, or finance your new Ford, Lincoln or Subaru at the right price, call 516-785-7800 today or visit We serve Long Island, NY, Wantagh,  NY and the surrounding areas. 3530 Sunrise Highway, Wantagh, NY 11793.

Completing the Total Customer Experience.

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Hassett of Wantagh recently unveiled its newly renovated service department at its Ford Lincoln Subaru dealership on Long Island.

“We set out to enhance and complete the total customer experience,” says Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett.  “From purchase to worry-free service, we’re known for exceeding customer expectations every step of the way.”

Hassett’s service department has the largest parts inventory on Long Island.  This means the part(s) needed will probably be in stock and located quickly by a newly streamlined inventory system.

Often, the car can be serviced while customers wait, especially for things like oil changes, tire rotations or NY State inspections.

In the meantime, customers are invited to relax in a spacious new lounge that features free wi-fi, computers, cable TV and complimentary beverages.

Service for all makes and models is available, performed by fully certified technicians with a reputation for getting it right the first time.  Customers can also call ahead and make an appointment to secure a complimentary loaner vehicle while their car is being serviced.

Hassett’s Owner Advantage Program provides complimentary oil changes, loaner cars available for service visits, 24-hour roadside assistance, Saturday service hours and a great deal more on all new and pre-owned vehicles.

With over three decades in business, Hassett is consistently recognized for its excellence in sales and service, which is why we continue to be Long Island’s No. 1 Ford Lincoln Subaru dealer.

Take a tour of Hassett’s newly renovated service center here.

Visit Hassett Ford, Lincoln, Subaru, Truck and Pre-Owned for your new vehicle! We are in Wantagh, NY in Nassau County near Suffolk County, NY. If you are looking to buy, lease, or finance your new Ford, Lincoln or Subaru at the right price, call 516-785-7800 today or visit We serve Long Island, NY, Wantagh,  NY and the surrounding areas. 3530 Sunrise Highway, Wantagh, NY 11793.

Subaru Indiana Zero-Landfill for Ten Years

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

In an industry that is moving towards becoming more eco-friendly than ever before, carmakers are becoming more aware of the effects their methods of production might have on the environment. Subaru Indiana started the movement towards less wasteful production when they became the first ever zero-landfill car manufacturing company in North America in 2003. Now, the plant takes environmental awareness even further by celebrating ten years of being zero-landfill.

“If it doesn’t leave as a finished car, we send the material offsite for recycling,” said Denise Coogan, Subaru Indiana Manager of Safety & Environmental Compliance. “So anything from our cafeteria waste, plastics, steel. Waste is just a material that hasn’t found its use.”

Becoming a more environmentally aware company is considered part of becoming a modern company, according to Tom Easterday, Executive VP of Subaru Indiana. By setting this example, proving that a large plant can easily be as environmentally friendly as this one, Subaru Indiana hopes to turn the Midwest from being known as “The Rust Belt” to “The Green Belt.”

2013 Subaru Legacy

Subaru is totally dedicated to producing eco-friendly vehicles.

Subaru Records Best Sales Month of all Time!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Have you noticed more Subaru’s driving around lately? If you have, it’s probably because Subaru’s are selling like hotcakes lately! In fact, Subaru just recorded its best sales month ever last month. Well done, Subaru!

We think the reason why so many people are making the switch to Subaru in recent months is because people are starting to realize that Subaru’s aren’t just a fad. They are built to last, they’re loaded with safety features, every single Subaru model is a Top Safety Pick, they’re eco-friendly, and they look awesome.

What’s there not to love?

In a Jalopnik article entitled, “How America Got Its Crazy Crack-Like Addiction To Buying Subarus” they note that Consumer Reports has also been helping Subaru out a lot lately. According to the article, “This year (Consumer Reports) ranked Subaru at the top of their report cards, heaping praise on the Impreza, Legacy, Outback and BRZ. The redesigned 2014 Forester recently took home the top small SUV rating.”

No doubt these reviews have contributed greatly to Subarus recent success. Consumer Reports takes reviews seriously, and in turn, people take Consumer Reports seriously.

If you’re interested in taking a Subaru for a test drive and possible making the switch for yourself, stop by Hassett Automotive in Wantagh, NY. We have a great selection of Subarus here at our dealership and we’d love to help you find the right one for you!

Subaru wantagh

Subarus just recorded their best sales month ever last month!