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5 Road Trip Tips To Prepare You For The Ultimate Summer Adventure

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Whether summer road trips are a family tradition or you’re going on a big summer ride for the first time, a few more tips never hurt! Check out this list of summer road trip tips to inspire you before you hit the highway:

summer road trip tips

  • Be sure to get your vehicle checked out by a professional before you go, and get up to date on oil changes, fluid levels, tire pressure, etc.
  • Clear out the trunk of your vehicle, getting rid of any clutter, and consider replacing it with some non-perishable snacks, fresh water, and a first-aid kit.
  • Map your route out ahead of time on a physical map, just in case your phone dies, and be sure to mark any nearby hospitals in case of an emergency.
  • Similarly, plan where you will stop to eat ahead of time. This way, you won’t end up blowing money on gas station candy or at fast food restaurants when hunger strikes.
  • If you are travelling with children or young ones, stock the back seat with small games and toys. Be prepared to pull over more often, and try to be patient.


For more tips and safety advice, or to get behind the wheel of a new car entirely, give us a call or stop by anytime here at Hassett Pre-Owned.

Car Spring Cleaning Tips

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

car spring cleaning

As the weather improves and the temperatures rise, we are entering one of the busiest driving times of the year. With a few simple steps, you can make sure your car is ready. Use the following car spring cleaning procedures.

  • Clean Interior. Over the past few months, dirt, salt, and trash have had their heyday inside your car. Now, it is over. Throw away all the trash in your car and take the time to seriously clean your car. Scrub away any stains on the upholstery, carefully dust and clean your dashboard, and vacuum from top to bottom.
  • Wash your car. Wash away the salty build-up on your car with a thorough wash. Pay close attention to the underbody, which usually gets the worst of it. Add a coat of wax to protect your paint.
  • Do some maintenance. Check your tires, along with your spare, to make sure they are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth. Also, it is a good idea to replace your windshield wipers as winter can leave them cracked and worn.
  • Organize. Make sure everything you want to keep in your car has a place. Purchase extra storage containers, if needed.

With these simple steps, you will have the cleanest car on the street. If you need a new car for your spring driving, come visit us at Hassett Pre-Owned.

Check Out These Safe Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Busy Holiday Roads

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

safe Thanksgiving travelBetween the hazardous weather conditions, the many families on the highway headed to Grandma’s, and more, holiday travelling can become quite dangerous. You can practice safe Thanksgiving travel by following these tips:

  • Take care of any due maintenance ahead of time, such as oil changes. You won’t want to find your car struggling on the highway.
  • Be sure to have a good idea in your head of the route you are taking and consider bringing a map, instead of purely relying on a GPS system.
  • Pack plenty of fresh water and healthy snacks, to avoid the temptation to stop for fast food, which can cause fatigue.
  • If you are driving with children, be sure to address any of their health needs, with any medication, etc. they may require on hand.
  • Map out a few emergency stops ahead of time, such as hospitals or even just larger rest stops, so you will know where to go if an emergency should occur.
  • Lastly, be patient. There are many factors that contribute to traffic during the holiday season, and the loss of your temper certainly won’t get you anywhere faster!

For more driving safety tips or to check out a new vehicle – just in time for the holiday season – contact us or visit us any time, here at Hassett Pre-Owned.

Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Make sure you have enough coolant in your car!

Keeping your car cool in summer is a problem for many drivers. While spring presents a relaxing climate, summer offers a dreadful heat that few modern drivers can bear. Rolling your windows down while on the road can only do so much. Luckily for you, we here at Hassett Pre-Owned have a few tips for keeping your car cool in summer.


How to Prepare Your Car for Vacation

Saturday, July 9th, 2016
Prepare Your Car for Vacation

Prepare Your Car for Vacation by checking your tire treads – hold a penny in your treads, and if you can see the top of Abe’s head, you need new tires!

Summer is a time for families and friends to head out on the open and take a summer vacation the adults likely need. When your car breaks down on the road, it can put a bad spin on a time meant to create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. We here at Hassett Pre-Owned have a few tips to help prepare your car for vacation and leave you with a positive experience!


How Hybrids Work: Eco-Friendly Technology Explained

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

“Hybrid” is a term frequently used in the auto industry, but not every car buyer truly understands what it means. That’s why we’ve put together a post on how hybrids work, explaining the basics and the advantages of this eco-friendly design.

According to the EPA, a hybrid is any model that combines an electric motor with a gasoline engine. Not only does this generally increase fuel economy, but hybrids can also increase power—one of the reasons they were actually invented. Typically, the engine provides most of the power, while the electric motor supplements power when accelerating or passing. This lets you get have a smaller engine, eliminating weight and gas-guzzling designs.


How to Repair a Car Dent

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Repair a Car DentRepairing a large car dent will require a trip to a repair shop like ours. But if the dent is very small, you can fix it yourself. With a few simple tools, you can fix dents on the cheap. Here are a few tried and true methods to repair a car dent.

  1. Specialty Kits – Probably one of the first things that catches your interest when researching how to fix a dent, specialty kits can be useful. While they have a shaky track record, most are relatively cheap which means you can still save money with a single purchase over a trip to the repair shop.
  2. Plunger – Arguably the most well-known method for removing dents, a sink plunger, also known as a cup plunger, will work on most small and medium-sized dents. Apply water to the plunger and the dent then push and pull. The suction will remove the dent.
  3. Hot Water – Plastic bumpers aren’t known for their flexibility and a dent can be hard to remove. To make popping the dent out easier, remove the bumper, pour boiling water on it, then push the dent out. The heat should make the plastic easier to maneuver.

How to Remove Scratches

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

How to Remove ScratchesCovering up scratches is easier said than done and specialty kits don’t always get the job done. While touchup paint is an option, it’s often noticeable, even from a distance. A blemish on your otherwise perfect car is no good, and if it’s a large scratch, you can bring it in to our service center. But if it’s something small, you can fix it yourself. Here’s how to remove scratches using things found at home.

Before you get started, check how deep your car’s scratches are by dragging your fingernail over them. If your nail gets caught, the scratch may be too deep to fix at home. Clean the scratches so there’s no dirt or grime around them otherwise it could get rubbed into your car’s paint.

Once you’re ready to get started, grab a tube of toothpaste and a damp, soft cloth. Add a few dabs of toothpaste to the cloth and rub each scratch in small circulation motions. Depending on the size of the scratches, the result could be immediate or you may need to keep rubbing for a few minutes.

To speed up the process, use a drill with a buffing attachment. To check if the scratches are gone, lift the cloth. Once they’re gone, you’re all done!

Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Driving in Winter WeatherDriving in winter weather isn’t desirable to anyone, let alone those traveling to see family. If you aren’t used to winter weather, we’d recommend you stay off the roads. That isn’t always possible, though, and winter can be harsh. To stay safe, remember these tips for driving in winter weater.

  1. Brake carefully. Start braking earlier than you would on dry roads. Slick roads won’t allow you to slow down as quickly and even the slightest error in timing can lead to a fender bender. Take the safe route and brake earlier than you think you need to.
  2. Avoid cruise control. Using cruise control is a convenient feature in the warmer parts of the year. In winter, it can lead to an accident. Assume all roads have slippery spots. Hitting your brakes to deactivate cruise control on one of these spots could easily lead to an accident or losing control of the vehicle.
  3. 4×4 isn’t invincible. For the most part, four-wheel-drive will give you the ability to get moving on winter roadways but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stop or keep your traction. You still need to take precautions, driving slowly and keeping a significant amount of space in between you and other drivers.

Teen Driving Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Teen Driving TipsWhile we would all like to keep our teens safely locked inside for the remainder of their volatile teen years, the truth is, many new teen drivers will hit the roads this year. If you can’t lock your teen up, you might as well do the next-best thing, and educate them about the dangers they face as young drivers. Here are our top teen driving tips:

Obey speed limits. They aren’t there to rain on your parade, they’re there to keep you – and everyone around you – safe. Avoid a speeding ticket, or worse, and make sure to follow the posted speed limits.

Always wear your seatbelt. Always, always. It is the single most important safety system in your car (outside of your brakes) so use it! And make sure all of your passengers do, too. You’ll be held responsible for the people in your car who aren’t wearing seatbelts if you are pulled over or in an accident.

Reduce distractions. Many experts advise teens to wait until they have at least a year of driving under their belts before allowing other teen passengers to ride with them. Additionally, phones should always be tucked out of reach while on-the-go.

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