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“Gas and Oil Free” is the New Normal with the Focus Electric

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

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In late 2000, hybrid gas/electric cars were just getting started and the naysayers were already piping up, calling the plug-in electric versions stillborn.  Every new technology needs an incubation period, including building a service infrastructure. Now a dozen years later, it is clear their predictions have happily run out of gas.

In 2012 alone, sales of hybrid and plug-in vehicles such as the Focus Electric, 100% powered by a rechargeable battery, jumped 228%.  While still a small piece of the overall market, it is growing at a much greater rate than other powertrain models, as the economy continues to hiccup and gas prices are steep.

Wider adoption, more accessible pricing, more efficient battery technology and the rollercoaster of gas prices proved the tipping point.

“We find many of our customers are simply tired of gas price spikes when something happens in the Middle East or Texas or California,” says Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett of Wantagh, Long Island’s  #1 volume Ford-Lincoln dealer and 10x consecutive winner of  Ford’s prestigious President’s Award.  “Plus, they genuinely appreciate the efficiency and design and clean nature of vehicles like the Focus Electric.”

Hassett offers a range of hybrid and electric plug-ins, with sales jumping 400% in New York State this year alone.  The Focus Electric is Ford’s robust entry into the plug-in market with excitingcutting edge design, styling and driver-experience enhancing technology inside and out.



Monday, December 10th, 2012


Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to return to one’s roots. Nowhere is this truism more appropriate than with Lincoln.

In looking towards the future, the iconic luxury vehicle manufacturer has reached back into its past to regain its perspective and former automotive glory. The first step in this process is its new name…which, as The Who might say, is the same as the old name: the Lincoln Motor Company.

That was its name when Henry Leland — the man also behind the birth of the Cadillac brand — sold it to Ford in 1922. The then-seven-year-old company was an ideal acquisition, satisfying Ford’s strong desire at the time for a luxury brand. That moniker was used less and less during the 1990s, and as the new century’s first few years passed was rarely seen or heard.

In January of 2011, the next critical move in the Lincoln revival was taken by hiring 16-year global automotive design expert Max Wolff as Lincoln’s new Director of Design. As the man handed the daunting challenge of spearheading the brand’s renaissance, it was felt his vision and experience could restore Lincoln Motor Company to its former glory…and then some. By 2015, a total of seven new automobiles will once again carry that proud name. The one Ford is counting on to initially re-energize public interest and sales is the proud first brainchild of Wolff and his team of engineers and designers. (more…)


Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Throughout the years, many have attempted to be “THE” truck center on Long Island. Over time, many have faded from memory.

Then there’s Hassett of Wantagh. From its impressive Truck Sales Showroom at 3530 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh to the state-of-the-art Truck Service Center two short blocks west, Hassett sets the standard in excellence and customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a single truck for personal use or any number of commercial fleet vehicles, no one takes care of business better than Hassett. Besides being the only dealer on Long Island to have been awarded Ford Motor Company’s prestigious ‘President’s Award’ for sales and service nine consecutive years, Hassett is also a Ford Powertrain Distribution Center with the tri-state area’s largest inventory of OEM Ford parts. Most importantly, Hassett’s 12,000-square-foot dedicated Truck Service Center is manned by a crew of highly-skilled, certified Ford technicians to service both gas and diesel engines. So it’s easy to understand why this dealership is miles ahead of the competition at keeping trucks, and their customers, moving. (more…)


Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Sure, you’ve heard it before. But when Hassett  of Wantagh tells you they’re going to treat you the same way they do their family and friends, you can take it to the bank. Literally!

All during May, Hassett’s incredible “Friends & Family Sales Event” is your chance to get any new Ford, Lincoln, Subaru  — or pre-owned vehicle — you’ve always wanted at the same low prices normally reserved for our family members and closest friends. Even if you’ve never set foot in Hassett before, you’ll save like best buds and kin-folk all month long at Hassett.

But the values go way beyond the “relatively” insane low prices. After all, as Long Island’s #1 Ford/Lincoln dealership, and a nine-time consecutive winner of Ford Motor Company’s prestigious President’s Award for sales, service, and customer satisfaction, Hassett is anything but your ordinary automotive dealer. So on top of the big money you’ll save, zero-percent financing is available on select models. Want more? You got it…come in during May, and get top dollar for your trade-in, plus Hassett will take care of any remaining payments.


Seriously, whether you see yourself in a sporty, economical Ford Fiesta, luxurious eight-passenger Lincoln Navigator, high-performance four-wheel-drive Subaru, or anything in-between, it’s never been more affordable than now during Hassett’s “Family & Friends Sales Event”. And with one of Long Island’s most extensive inventories, finding the exact make, model, and color your heart is set on is a virtual certainty.

Of course, Hassett isn’t just the areas largest new vehicle dealer, they’re also Long Island’s #1 certified pre-owned (CPO) volume dealer for two years running, with the largest selection you’ll find from Montauk to Manhattan. Add those credentials to the amazing low prices at this event, and you need not be a rocket scientist to know this is the time to consider yourself one of the Hassett family, and get the super deal you deserve.

As always, when you come to Hassett of Wantagh on Sunrise Highway in Wantagh during the month-long “Friends & Family Sales Event”, you’ll experience the many qualities that have made them a Long Island institution for over 35 years. For starters, you’ll never find any hidden fees when you buy from Hassett, or need to haggle for the best price…it’s always right there from the moment you walk in. You’ll be taken care of by friendly, knowledgeable salespeople who won’t ever pressure you, or try to intimidate you into making a decision that’s not in your best interest. Instead, they’ll take the time to educate you about all the factors you need to know so you’ll enjoy your choice for years to come.  In case you’ve never been given this kind of service before, it’s what a car-buying experience is supposed to be.

This May’s “Friends & Family Sales Event” is the best time to discover a world of great values Hassett has to ensure your total, long-term satisfaction. From “Early Bird” discounts and Lease Conquest incentives to their Ford “Swap Your Ride” and “Lincoln Exchange” programs, you’ll get the biggest payoff for your trade-in, and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing no other dealer does more to make you happy when you purchase…and way down the road, too.

So don’t miss this “once-in-a-blue-moon” opportunity to get the new or pre-owned vehicle you don’t want to live without at the same super-low prices as a you would from an uncle or your closest BFF during the Hassett “Friends & Family Sales Event”.

The deal of the decade on the car, truck, or SUV or your dreams. Oh yeah…Hassett has it!


Friday, March 30th, 2012


C’mon…it’s happened to you. Or at least to someone you know. You see an advertised pre-owned price in an ad, head to the dealership, then find that ‘great low price’ in the newspaper is a sham. The dealer has a whole carload of hidden fees, and before you know it, the actual price is a lot higher.

That can’t happen when you buy a pre-owned car, light truck, or SUV from Hassett of Wantagh. There are no hidden fees. None. “Hassett takes a lot of pride in doing business the right way,” asserts Pre-Owned Manager Sal Rivela. “For over 40 years, this dealership has maintained a reputation for honesty and respect for our customers. When we give you a price on a high-quality pre-owned vehicle at Hassett, that’s the price you pay. No hidden fees…no unwanted surprises.”

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why Hassett has been Long Island’s #1 certified pre-owned (CPO) volume dealer for the past two years, as well as a nine-time winner of Ford’s prestigious President’s Award. What this all means to you is a worry-free buying experience with whichever pre-owned vehicle you desire.


Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted…For Your Truck.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012


When is a commercial truck or van not just a commercial truck or van?

After Hassett gets through with it.  And once they do, it will be precisely what the plumber ordered. Or landscaper, electrician, or virtually any mobile professional.

“Hassett is uniquely qualified to customize a truck to suit the individual needs of virtually any contractor,” says Ken Vighi, Truck Sales Manager at Hassett Ford-Lincoln-Subaru in Wantagh. “We’re Long Island’s only commercial truck dealership with a dedicated Commercial Truck Service Center. “It’s a completely separate entity from our automotive service center as it handles just trucks, no cars. With over 12,000-sq. ft., it allows us to provide a standard of quality, timely service, and affordability no one else can.”

Commercial truck owners have numerous options, starting with what Hassett calls its “Plumber’s Package”, the least expensive approach that installs shelving and other accessories on the inside of a van. Ken and his team also offer a “Utility Body Package”, where compartments are located on the vehicle’s exterior, either with an open back (like a pick-up truck) or an enclosed back for extra storage space (for vans). Both varieties are available in 10-, 12-, and 14-feet lengths — single- or dual-wheel versions — and feature load capacities up to 19,000-pound payloads. And because Hassett offers truck modifications with various chassis configurations, they can create a vehicle for whatever a particular job segment demands.