Check Out These Safe Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Busy Holiday Roads

safe Thanksgiving travelBetween the hazardous weather conditions, the many families on the highway headed to Grandma’s, and more, holiday travelling can become quite dangerous. You can practice safe Thanksgiving travel by following these tips:

  • Take care of any due maintenance ahead of time, such as oil changes. You won’t want to find your car struggling on the highway.
  • Be sure to have a good idea in your head of the route you are taking and consider bringing a map, instead of purely relying on a GPS system.
  • Pack plenty of fresh water and healthy snacks, to avoid the temptation to stop for fast food, which can cause fatigue.
  • If you are driving with children, be sure to address any of their health needs, with any medication, etc. they may require on hand.
  • Map out a few emergency stops ahead of time, such as hospitals or even just larger rest stops, so you will know where to go if an emergency should occur.
  • Lastly, be patient. There are many factors that contribute to traffic during the holiday season, and the loss of your temper certainly won’t get you anywhere faster!

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