Ford & LEGO Team up to Make LEGO Ford Cars

LEGO Mustang


We all know and love LEGOs. And of course, we know that they model many of their toy sets after movies and television shows. But this time, they’re modeling after cars! Yes, LEGO Ford cars have arrived!

Ford and LEGO Speed Champions teamed up to introduce LEGO’s newest line that includes two of Ford’s most iconic vehicles at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. And LEGO is excited about it, too. Their vice president of licensing and entertainment, Jill Wilfert, said, “Each LEGO Ford car tells a story and has infinite play possibilities.”

The Mustang and F-150 Raptor LEGO Speed Champions sets will give honor to both infamous Ford vehicles. The Mustang kit comes with a time board and race driver. The larger F-150 kit includes a garage, trailer, a crew of Ford workers and a drag racing Christmas tree and Model A hot rod.

And remember, these sets don’t just have to be for kids! You can definitely get away with buying them if you’re a car lover. They’ll both be available for purchase on March 1st in LEGO and Toys ‘R Us stores.