Mobile Climate and Road Simulators Minimize On-Road Noise

Climate and Road SimulatorsFord is always looking for new ways to improve their vehicles. One of their goals is to ensure you have a safe and comfortable driving experience, and a quiet ride is part of this! Noises on the road can not only be annoying, but make us worry! Thankfully, Ford’s mobile climate and road simulators minimize on-road noise in the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty.

The Super Duty series is Ford’s toughest series yet. This equipment puts vehicles through the most extreme conditions imaginable to test for squeaks and rattles. The simulators are called Transportable Environmental Four Posters. This references the 18-wheeler portability and four-point road simulators that are under each wheel in the chamber. Ford is the only brand to use this.

“Mobile climate and road simulators are absolutely key to finding unwanted noises in the early stages of vehicle development,” said Craig Schmatz, chief engineer of Ford F-Series Super Duty. Extreme environments can bring out problems, and finding these before production are key.

Ford puts vehicles through 20 degrees below and 120 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure they can handle it. So when you’re behind the wheel of a F-Series Super Duty, you know you’ll be safe.