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Teen Driving Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Teen Driving TipsWhile we would all like to keep our teens safely locked inside for the remainder of their volatile teen years, the truth is, many new teen drivers will hit the roads this year. If you can’t lock your teen up, you might as well do the next-best thing, and educate them about the dangers they face as young drivers. Here are our top teen driving tips:

Obey speed limits. They aren’t there to rain on your parade, they’re there to keep you – and everyone around you – safe. Avoid a speeding ticket, or worse, and make sure to follow the posted speed limits.

Always wear your seatbelt. Always, always. It is the single most important safety system in your car (outside of your brakes) so use it! And make sure all of your passengers do, too. You’ll be held responsible for the people in your car who aren’t wearing seatbelts if you are pulled over or in an accident.

Reduce distractions. Many experts advise teens to wait until they have at least a year of driving under their belts before allowing other teen passengers to ride with them. Additionally, phones should always be tucked out of reach while on-the-go.

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